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Infinite Bit’s Tips For Etsy Sales

Hello Fellow Etsy Lovers!
Since opening my shop on August 9th 2013, I have experienced the joys and plights of being an etsy seller. At this point, I would consider myself an intermediate etsy user. Although, I’ve been through a lot with, I'm always left feeling like there is more that I can be doing.

I’ve been through the acts of providing proof of the original creation of my artworks, providing and clearing my outside manufacturers with etsy and their guidelines, legal battles with other companies attempting to misrepresent me on etsy, and even how to advertise and market both inside and outside of the etsy website. I’ve dealt with their customer service, I’ve joined teams, been part of treasuries, and have even used some of their new apps.

I now drive in over 500 sales a year with over 5,000 people favoriting my shop and over 80,000 views in total between my shop and individual listings combined. I’ve been learning that a main way to further etsy sales is through etsy interactions with both customers and other sellers alike. So here are my views of etsy and some helpful tips and strategies for all of you with your own etsy shops!

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My Etsy Introduction:
Etsy is a FANTASTIC way for independent artists to make some extra money. But is it going to pay all your bills? Most often, the answer to this is No, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to try! Most small businesses fail in the first five years so remember that it is your drive and hard work alone that will prove that fact wrong about YOUR company.

Build Your Own Website:
Having an actual website DOES NOT mean you need another online store.
Having a home base to direct traffic to and from your etsy site will help keep your customers informed, provide additional information and further verify and inform your company with your customers. This is where you should explain more of the concepts and ideas behind your works in greater lengths.

Using Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter:
These are great ways to further interact with your customer base if you do it correctly. When you post on social media, make sure you are consistently providing unique and relevant content to your customers. I typically write and re-write my thoughts in text files many, many times before I decide it is ready to post. With every post and every interaction you should ask yourself “ a.) Is this Positive? b.) As a customer / user, would I want to share this with my friends? c.) Does this properly represent my company?”.

I see many people taking part in “like-trains” or “follow for follow” threads. Although these are ways to boost your number of followers, if your number of followers are not potential customers who WANT your products, then that number will NOT reflect your sales. Building an organic customer base is essential to gaining more sales. This does not necessarily mean that you need to find more people who are already interested in your products. Sometimes just by simple interactions with other users, you can gain followers AND friends who never knew your talents existed!

I constantly interact with and follow my customers and competition alike. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Although sometimes you find that those “enemies” weren’t enemies at all. Showing an interest in a common product or idea with a perceived competitor can sometimes lead to potential collaborations or business contacts. Collaborating with other companies who share your vision is a GREAT way to reach new potential customers and I have began many of my collaborations through a simple Instagram or Facebook message.

Consider giveaways, unique bulk deals, and “Share To Win” Contests. Just be sure to check with the guidelines of each social media platform to ensure you include the correct information and legal wording so those platforms are not held liable.

Should I pay for advertising?
Start without paying and see how well that works for you. Once you have a post that really wows you with the amount of people you reached on your own, then consider paying (a small amount to start) to boost that post. If you reach a lot more people, consider spending more money. Basically, if your content is not attractive enough to gain user interaction naturally, then paying for advertising will most likely not increase your organic reach and you will end up with paid likes from people who will never again visit your store.

More Tips on Providing Interesting Content:
You can find interesting content all over the internet to share with your followers on social media platforms. Not every post needs to be an “official company memo”. Sometimes too much branding makes a small business look like a big corporation. Be sure you remain human and interact with your followers at eye level.

Taking photos of your products on actual people helps a customer relate to your product. If you make jewelry, consider collaborating with a clothing company local to you for your photoshoot! Promote two small businesses at once!

Going out of town for the next week and want to keep up on social media?
Consider scheduling posts on Facebook and Twitter ( so that you can have interesting content posting at the best times of the day, week, and month! I typically find great content in spurts so I want to make sure that it gets posted to the public gradually over time rather than all at once. It is never good to drive away customers with too many posts. Pay attention to which days and times result in the most likes and schedule your best posts for those times. For example, Sunday evening is a great time for social media whereas Tuesday morning may not be so effective.

Sites like Wanelo, Pinterest, etc:
In the same way that having a website (i like to call it your “home base”) is important for your company, so is driving in traffic to your home base. Using alternate sites that encourage user interaction to link back to your home base AND your etsy store is a smart idea! These sites are already aimed at grouping like products so include your products on as many alternate sites as possible but be sure they all link back to your website and etsy as frequently as possible without being annoying or excessive.

I really hope this information has helped some of you to look at your Etsy shops in a new light and I wish you all the very best with your holiday sales!

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Jerry Cannon
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