33 Visionary Painters You Need to Know!

 These professional paint-pushers are the new who's-who in visionary art. See our entire list! Your new favorite visionary artist awaits you.

Links to follow each artist are located below their artworks.

 33. Sweet Melis

"I'm grateful to be living a dream of constant creation, and I truly put my heart and soul into everything I do. Ever since my very first memories art has been a way of life for me. I breathe it everyday. I always knew I would be doing something with my passion but I never had any idea I’d be fortunate enough to be doing what I am today, creating for a living/living to create. I'm inspired by the earth and sky, by color and design, and I want to project the beauty of nature's design and synchronicity in my work. I want people to see the beauty I see in this world, to feel it, to live presently in it, and to hopefully in turn respect it. "
- Melissa Leigh (Sweet Melis)

Worlds of Growth by Sweet Melis
[ Worlds of Growth ] 
Bright Side of the Moon by Sweet Melis
[Bright Side of the Moon]

The World is Your Oyster by Sweet Melis Visionary Art
[ The World is Your Oyster ]


32. Xavi Panneton

Xavi Panneton approaches his craft with a unique perspective delivered by his history of creating work across many genres. First immersed in the Washington D.C. graffiti scene of the early 90s, Xavi was later a foundational member of the West Coast world of Visionary Art and continues to expand minds as he traverses an evolving aesthetic where design meets the uncharted territory of our collective consciousness. Working primarily in acrylics and aerosol, Xavi wrangles a variety of influences into a single, cohesive whole. His mesmerizing pattern work and alternating use of hard and soft lines evoke meditative states, keeping the viewer grounded in a world of simple beauty. Within this tension, a creative drama unfolds and gives way to a hypnotic presence in his work that is at once intriguing and familiar on a cellular level.

Podular Manifestation by Xavi Panneton Visionary Art
[ Podular Manifestation ]

Eternity Vision by Xavi Panneton Visionary Art
[ Eternity Vision ]

In the Garden Xavi Panneton Visionary Art
[ In the Garden ]



31. Martina Hoffmann

Martina Hoffmann works as a painter and sculptress and remains a central figure in contemporary Visionary Art. Her paintings offer the viewer a detailed glimpse into her inner landscapes - imagery that has been inspired by expanded states of consciousness. Her Visionary Realism is decidedly feminine and places the ‘Universal Woman’ in an intimate cosmos. She transcribes her ecstatic experiences but also her subtle reflections on the nature of women in a realistic style which marries the fantastic to the sacred.

Colibri by Martina Hoffmann Art
[ Colibri ]

Caught in the Web by Martina Hoffmann Art
[Caught in the Web]

Lysergic Summer Dream by Martina Hoffmann Art
[Lysergic Summer Dream]


30. Daniel Mirante

Born 1977 in Chester, a Roman city situated on the border of Wales and England. Daniel Mirante is an artist, live painter, art teacher, founding faculty member at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, and assistant to Ernst Fuchs.   

Chanting Down Babylon Daniel Mirante
[ Chanting Down Babylon ]

Anima Mundi Daniel Mirante Artworks
[ Anima Mundi ]

Song of Vajra by Daniel Mirante Art
[ Song of Vajra ]


29. Elizabeth Banker

Elizabeth’s works are inspired by her life experiences and her fascination with nature and human consciousness. Being raised in the mountains and holding a deep love for the mysteries of the cosmos continues to greatly influence her work. Merging the practices of yoga, meditation, and self inquiry cultivate the visions of interconnectedness within the spiritual and physical planes presented in her paintings.

28. Michael Garfield

Michael Garfield is a true renaissance man. An artist, musician, writer, speaker, and philospher, Michael is a man of many talents. As an artist, Michael’s verdant and exultant work draws inspiration from years of scientific illustration and live painting adventures everywhere from Burning Man to NASA to the Australian Outback.  In addition to countless festival appearances and art directorships, he's held residencies in Boulder, Denver, Phoenix, Kansas City, New Orleans, and Austin.   


Fire Flower Michael Garfield
[ Fire Flower ]

Chreode Overview Effect Michael Garfield Art
[ Chreode Overview Effect ]

End of the World Party Michael Garfield Art
[ End of the World Party ]


27. Martin Bridge

"Martin Bridge is a gifted visionary artist whose imagery informs and inspires viewers. His live-painting performances stimulate audiences at festivals around the world. Artist, educator, mycologist, and avid student of permaculture, Martin models an integral creative life that reflects the ideals of a new world paradigm celebrating the sacred intelligence of nature." — Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

Cauda Pavonis Martin Bridge Art
[Cauda Pavonis ]

Apis Martin Bridge Art
[ Apis ]

Deer Dancer Martin Bridge Art Beats Antique
[ Deer Dancer ]



26. Autumn Skye

   Visionary painter, Autumn Skye Morrison, spends much time exploring this amazing world and the enchanting cultures therein, and otherwise lives and paints in her home north of Powell River on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. In her studio, she overlooks a sweeping expanse of ocean, islands, mountains, and sky. She considers herself among the blessed of the blessed, and lives each day in gratitude of being able to share her art and inspiration.

"My purpose is to create. In that process I find stillness and rhythm, my teacher and passion. I believe that art can be a life shaking experience, or an intimate rendezvous. For me it is both. Placing intention in every creation, I aim to share honesty and awakening. To celebrate this fantastic adventure. To inspire and be inspired." - Autumn Skye

Autumn Skye Morrison Art My Body My Temple Visionary Painting
[ My Body, My Temple ]

Autumn Skye Morrison Art Lightwork Visionary Painting
[ Lightwork ]

Harmonic Transformation Autumn Skye Morrison Art
[ Harmonic Transformation ]


25. Blais Bellenoit

Blais grew up in the rural town of Rehoboth, Massachusetts and largely credits his  mother for his artistic influence. Blais' mother, Rita Jean Krupowicz, was a professional illustrator for most of her life and illustrated such books as "The Talisman" by Stephen King and "The Hundred Year Christmas" by David Morrell. Blais attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and earned a four year degree in Illustration. Since graduating in 1999, he has maintained a freelance art career, working in various styles and using several mediums including pen & ink, oil paint, water color, pencil, and clay.

"It has been my honor, for most of my life, to take part in one of the more amazing experiences in the human reality, pure creation; The expression of the intangible universe and collective conscious." - Blais Bellenoit

Blais Bellenoit Enspirus Art Tusks
[ Tusks ]

Transmutation Blais Bellenoit Enspirus Arts
[ Transmutation ]

Maternal Retribution Blais Bellenoit Enspirus Arts
[ Maternal Retribution ]

Blais Bellenoit:


24. Renee Weber (REN NAE KAH)

Renee Weber (REN NAE KAH), born in Baltimore, Maryland, found herself drawn to the arts at a young age. She developed a unique knack for capturing all things sacred, and has been known for bringing to light a hidden geometry that activates an ever expanding perception deep within the observer. Renee specializes in painting as well as live painting performances. 

Eye Feel it in my Bones REN NAE KAH Renee Weber Art
[ Eye Feel it in My Bones ]

DNA Activation
[ DNA Activation ]

Renee Weber Art REN NAE KAH Black Mahakala Painting
[ Black Mahakala ]



23. Kaliptus

Visionary artist, kaliptus (born april 16, 1984 in lisbon, portugal) is a ny graduate from SVA with a bfa in animation and an mfa in computer art. kaliptus is a prolific, multimedia fine-artist who spends most of his time bridging the intuitive & the technical to create works of art that reveal the transpersonal realms of consciousness. 

Kaliptus Art Weapons of Mass Creation
[ Weapons of Mass Creation ] 

Kaliptus Art Light Mech
[ Phật di lặc (Light Mech) ]

Crystal Castle Kaliptus Art
[ Crystal Castle ]


22. Harrison Crawford

Baltimore-based visionary Harrison Crawford visualizes the abstract fantastical world of deities and divinities and solidifies them on the canvas for his audience.Visually he is well known for his juxtaposition of the saccharine and satanic, personifying the invisible forces that guide human nature.

"I find the floodgates of my imagination reopened by the desire to better provide for the individuals and communities that have nurtured me and helped allow me to grow. As the number of these people and communities increase, I can only hope that so does such a desire. From William Morris to Walt, Daelick to Salvador Dali, I simply wish to be seen as an artist who has tried. Tried to better provide for their family and their village, no matter the size or need, respecting the gift of translating and channeling the ether that’s been bestowed upon oneself."

- Harrison Crawford

An Emancipated Breath by Harrison Crawford Art
[ An Emancipated Breath ]

WIP at Sonic Bloom Festival Colorado Harrison Crawford Art
[ WIP @ Sonic Bloom Festival ]

Parabola by Harrison Lance Crawford Art
[ Parabola ]

Harrison Crawford: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

21. Rick Jacobi

 After twenty years of doing commercial illustration, Rick left that line of work and became a high school art teacher at a charter school for the arts. Since 2008 Rick has been painting what is frequently referred to as "visionary art". Having retired from teaching in 2014, he now devotes the bulk of his time to his personal art. Rick's interests and influences include: metaphysical and esoteric studies, ancient cultures, lost civilizations, semiotics (the study of signs and symbols), sacred geometry, comparative religion & spirituality, the nature of consciousness, tarot, UFOs, aliens, etc.

Rick Jacobi Art Deus Arcanum Painting
[ Deus Arcanum ] 

Rick Jacobi Art Bird Brain Painting
[ Bird Brain ]
Rick Jacobi Art The Messenger Painting Jimi Hendrix
[ The Messenger ]



20. Noa Knafo 

Noa Knafo is an artist who focuses on spirituality and on how the world is right now, but in ways that we cannot necessarily see. Her paintings contain certain energies which allow viewers to experience these realities in similar ways, each in their own personal ways. Noa's early paintings involved many feelings and were focused on the Jewish religion. She would sign these paintings anonymously, because she wanted people to judge the paintings for themselves, and not because she was the one who painted them.
After a while, Noa began to think about things in larger more all-inclusive ways, understanding that all human beings have a lot in common, and that spirituality can be expressed in many ways. Noa's ongoing journey has taken her from religious painting, based on her history; through intuitive painting, which comes from the heart; to visionary painting, which comes from her mind.

Noa Knafo Visionary Art The Rebel Painting
[ The Rebel ]

Reflection Reaction Noa Knafo Art Painting
[ Reflection Reaction ]

Noa Knafo Art Nature Connection Painting
[ Nature Connection ]


19. Vajra

Erik Seyster, AKA Vajra ,is a self-taught visionary artist who makes art for the good of all things & the evolution of consciousness. He has been drawing all his life and in recent years has begun painting to bring his visions fully to life. The goal of his art is the evolution of consciousness and the betterment of life in general - the creation of a better world. He strives to achieve this by approaching the creative process with bodhisattvic intention – that all work accomplished be for the betterment of all beings. Each piece begins with a vision, a life and story of its own, which Vajra strives to tell as accurately and wholly as possible.

Vajra’s current effort is to not only offer up art for Beauty and Truth, but for Justice. By creating art around topics of great planetary concern and then offering these pieces as fundraisers for critical causes and their supporting organizations, Vajra hopes to make a difference on the physical plane as well as the transcendent.

The Demure Vajra Erik Seyster Art
[ The Demurge ]

The Wish is Granted Vajra Erik Seyster Art
[ The Wish is Granted ]

Vine of Spirits Vajra Art Erik Seyster
[ Vine of Spirits ]


18. Olga Klimova

Olga Klimova started creating art as a result of deep and mystical experiences followed by a practice of Vipassana meditation. The memory of the blissful state of being able to connect to a deeper level of consciousness created the urge to share this experience with the world. Many forms of visual expression were chosen to manifest the vision. Having gotten a strong Russian classical art school background years ago, Olga first created WizArt Visions, a scenography design and production studio which has developed numerous backdrops, fabric installations, U.V. paintings and stage settings for the transformational festival scene. During the 2012 Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar in Italy, Olga studied egg tempera and oil glazing with visionary masters Laurence Caruana, Amanda Sage and Maura Holden. Through the deepening of her meditative practice and this completely new approach to sacred painting, she was able to discover the whole new dimension in expressing her vision. Her artwork became more spontaneous, intuitive and alive. Today, Olga exhibits her art internationally while teaching painting and maintaining her WizArt Visions design studio. Lucid dreams, channeled visions and deep meditation continue to inspire her work, which seeks to evoke the shared feeling of our deep interconnectedness. “…Putting the mind aside and trusting the flow of creation, listening to the painting and one’s own subconscious, not trying to control what’s happening and letting go – all are very useful skills not only during painting,” she says, “but in life.”

Olga Klimova Family

Olga Klimova WiZart Visionary Art Samsara

Olga Klimova WizArts Dialogue

Olga Klimova:

17. Noble Arts

Chris Surposa is a Colorado-based visionary painter and illustrator who creates art focused on living with the highest integrity here on earth. The intention of his Noble Arts Project is to cultivate a higher state of being through art and community. 


Mushroom Lotus Noble Arts Project Chris Surposa
[ Mushroom Lotus ]
Transmutation Noble Arts Chris Surposa
[ Transmutation ]
Electric Elk Noble Arts Chris Surposa
[ Electric Elk ]


Noble Arts Project: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

16. Mark Henson

Extraordinary oil painter Mark Henson has been devoting his life to painting the story of our time and place in history. Mark documents humanity's hopes, loves and fears, its trials, and tribulations in finely crafted masterpieces. Mark was born and raised in Northern California, and attended University there, receiving a degree in studio art in 1973. He has been a professional artist ever since, working with paint, metal, wood and computers. He has co-founded several gallery ventures, traveled extensively in Asia and elsewhere, and now operates Sacred Light Studio from his home out in the country north of San Francisco, and maintains a small artist’s retreat in Costa Rica.


Mark Henson Art March of Progress
[March of Progress]
Mark Henson Spiral Genesis
[Spiral Genesis]
Mark Henson Art Paintbrush Warrior
[Paintbrush Warrior]

Mark Henson:

15. Torus Energy

Torus Enery is the alias of Jack Lightfoot, a visionary, designer, and multi-disciplined artist from the UK born in 1992 and currently residing in the Midlands. His work embodies the unification between the human spirit and a higher power, communicating a truth through visual ideas and concepts.

Novelty Torus Energy Artworks
[ Novelty ]
The God of Dreams Torus Energy Artworks
[ The God of Dreams ]
Torus Energy Artworks
[ Downloading. Metamorphosis. Transdimensionally ]


14. John Speaker

Philadelphia-born visionary artist, John Speaker, creates artworks that depict the transformation of mind, body, and spirit as he wanders along the wondrous journey of life. "Creating artwork is a meditative practice through which one can contemplate, experiment, and uncover insights. There is something magical that happens when the brush hits the canvas, it's as if time stops and the artist is invited to sway harmoniously with the universe. Every brush stoke layered upon the next to create an object radiating hope, compassion, love, and happiness - reflecting our true nature back to us. My goal is to create art that radiates positive energy; evoking a state of bliss in the viewer. I'm on a quest to create images that wake the viewer to higher and more beautiful states of being than our common experience permits." - John Speaker

Rising Sun John Speaker Art
[ Rising Sun ]

Maui Wowie John Speaker Art
[ Maui Wowie ]

Guardian's Grace John Speaker Art
[ Guardian's Grace ]  


13. Michael Divine 

Michael Divine is at the forefront of a resurgent creative wave that draws it’s inspiration not just from art theory and intellectual ideas but also from the basic principles of what it is to lead a healthy and vibrant life. His spirited and vivacious artwork falls in step with a long tradition of artists who base their work on their interpretive visions. His paintings – with their imaginative wonder and deeper spiritual underpinnings – reference ancient traditions, modern artistic explorations, and contemporary themes.

[ Illumination ]

The Myth of Freedom Michael Divine TenThousandVisions
[ The Myth of Freedom ]

The Apotheosis of Hope Michael Divine TenThousandVisions
[ The Apotheosis of Hope]


12. Adam Scott Miller 

Adam Scott Miller, an acute lifelong visionary artist from the U.S.A., has come through art academia with a BFA in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a MFA in Painting from the Massachusetts College of Art. He now lives in Far Northeast Queensland, Australia amidst the most ancient rainforest on Earth with his wife and two daughters. 

Throughout his creative evolution, Adam has integrated key principles of insight from art, science, and mysticism towards the road less-traveled of honest devotion to limitless growth and dilating creativity. Adam's paintings are praised globally for their transcendetail and the elegant envisioning of reality as emergent from the unified-field ecology of energy. He is acclaimed for his oil paintings, video animations, public speaking, teaching and performances as a live-painter. In their rainforest village home, they operate Australia's 1st Visionary Art Gallery 'InfinitUS'.
Laugh Between the Lines Adam Scott Miller Art
[ Laugh Between the Lines ]
Feathered Pearl Adam Scott Miller Art
[ Feathered Pearl ]
Adam Scott Miller Art
Pre-Sent Prescience ]


11. Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado 

Born in 1976 in Torreón, México, Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado is an artist obsessed with detail, expressing emotions through the fragmentation of color, and capturing a great light in his artworks. In most of Eduardo's paintings, he represents the human form (or some sort of human element) and our connection to another plane of consciousness. His hope is that whoever sees my paintings will take something away with them, even if it´s just the spark of a memory or a feeling.
Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado Happy Thoughts Painting
Pensamientos Felices / Happy Thoughts ]
Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado Rendezvous Painting Art
[ Rendezvous ]
Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado The Path El Camino
[ El Camino / The Path ]

Eduardo Calzado:

10. Chris Sukut

The works of Montana-based visual artist and illustrator, Chris Sukut, portray vivid "cloud realm" scenes, painted with acrylic onto large canvases. With beautiful colors and textures, Chris's magnificent style brings a whimsical and magical element to each piece. 

Way of Life Chris Sukut Art
[Way of Life]
Sencha Chris Sukut

Allin the All Chris Sukut
[Allin the All]


9. Mifsudvisions

Florida-based artist, Mifsudvisions, masterfully channels his personal life-experiences and psychedelic visions into his intricately layered paintings. There is a perfect duality between his process and his spontaneous abstraction that compliment to form a fantastically unmistakeable style. Dark themes and vibrant figures melt and morph together to portray a tangible representation of psychedelic experiences often thought of as ineffable.

Spectrums and Frequencies Mifsudvisions painting Infinite Bit
[ Spectrums & Frequencies ]
Mifsudvisions Telepathic Sacrifice
[ Telepathic Sacrifice ]
Mifsudvisions Full Spectrum Hallucinations Painting
[ Full Spectrum Hallucinations ]


8. Morgan Mandala

Morgan Mandala was born and raised outside of Chicago, Illinois,USA, but has called the front range of Colorado home for a decade.  She is most well-known for live painting, circular canvases, and imagery of fantastic naturalism combined with geometry. Morgan has toured throughout the United States and beyond the borders, teaching, painting, and constantly learning, often in collaboration with artist and partner, Randal Roberts.

New Eden Morgan Mandala
[ New Eden ]

Letting Go Morgan Mandala COSM InfiniteBit
[ Letting Go ]
Morgan Mandala Infinite Bit Perseverence & the 5 Skull Crown
[ Perseverence & the 5 Skull Crown ] 


7. Randal Roberts

Randal Roberts is an internationally recognized self-taught painter. Having identified as an artist his whole life, at the age of 30 he was inspired to at last quit the factory job to dedicate himself to art full time after meeting Alex and Allyson Grey. After a yearlong soul-searching road trip across the U.S., Randal found a community at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, where he lived and worked for seven years. During this time, he began building a body of artwork fusing various wisdom traditions, iconic symbolism, and profound personal experiences and relationships with the flow of ornamental design. 

Since then, he has become a celebrated live-performance and studio painter. The organic sensibility and attention to detail in Randal’s paintings reveal his intuitive direction to “emphasize what you love about each brushstroke.”   He has lived in the beautiful NY Hudson Valley, the beloved San Francisco Bay, and is currently based in Boulder, CO.

Shpongle Randal Roberts
[ Entering Shpongleland ]
Portrait of Homer Simpson Randal Roberts Visionary Art Painting
[ Portrait of Homer Simpson ]
Fawkes Randal Roberts
[ Fawkes ]


6. Jonathan Solter

Jonathan Solter is a painter, illustrator and designer based in Oakland, CA who is 
known for his ancient futuristic temples and immersive landscapes.  Jonathan is inspired by nature, technology and the amazing people in his life. He is inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite painters as well as artist's such as Dali, Escher, Martina Hoffman, Robert Vensoa, Andrew Jones, Harry Clarke and Alex Grey.  Jon has created murals and shown his work at many amazing festivals such as Emissions, Stilldream, Enchanted Forest and Burning Man.
Jon Solter Mycelium Mesa
Mycelium Mesa ]
Jon Solter Bismuth
[ Bismuth Jammer ]
[ Eden ]


5. Jake Amason

Jake Amason is an acrylic painter from Denver, Colorado. He studied computer graphics and 3D animation for several years before a new addiction to paint developed from long render times that consumed his slow computer. Jake considers Photoshop to be his art teacher. It taught him a visual language that prepared him for traditional media. Through sculpting in 3D programs such as Maya, Cinema 4D and ZBrush, he gained experience manipulating massive dimensional virtual worlds compressed into a two-dimensional plane before ever touching the canvas. These environmental textures and understanding of dramatic depth are used in rhythmic patterns to direct the eye through the space over time to animate a still image. With a deepened understanding of perspective and color, Jake Amason, with his talented collective of artists, known as "APEX", are rapidly gaining notoriety in the visionary arts community.

Jake Amason Synesthesia
[ Synesthesia ]

[Tokyo Teleport]
Jake Amason SCOPE Painting


4. Amanda Sage

Born 1978 in Denver, Colorado; Amanda's adventurous spirit carried her to Bali, then on to Vienna, Austria where she studied and worked in Vienna, Austria and then Los Angeles, California. She trained and worked with Ernst and Michael Fuchs, classical artists who taught her Mischtechnik. Amanda Sage is at the forefront of a new breed of visionary artists using art as a tool for personal, spiritual and planetary growth and transformation.

Ghost in the Machine Amanda Sage Painting
[ Ghost in the Machine ]
Amanda Sage ARISE Painting
A Waking Dream Amanda Sage Painting
[ A Waking Dream ]



3. Mario Martinez (Mars-1)

Mario Martinez, aka Mars-1, is known for his fantastic, imaginary worlds. Inspired by Surrealism, Street Art and Abstract Expressionism, Martinez creates densely composed extraterrestrial landscapes brimming with light effects, floating orbs, and other flying geometric forms.

Mars-1 Transcendental Disaster Painting
[ Transcendental Disaster ]
Mars-1 Afterglow
[ Afterglow ]
Mars-1 Placebo Painting



2. Chris Dyer

Chris Dyer grew up in Lima, Peru till age 17, where he was involved in 80’s skateboarding, 90’s surfing and street gang activities. He eventually moved to Canada to study art for many years. Today he is based in Montreal, where he works out of his home studio “The Positive Portal”.

Chris Dyer Moksha 2011
[ Moksha ]
Apotheosis of Dualitree Chris Dyer Painting
[The Apotheosis of Dualitree ]
Chris Dyer The Ultimate Spirit Warrior Painting
[ The Ultimate Spirit Warrior ]


1. Alex Grey 

Alex is widely known as being one of the pioneers of the visionary art movement. Born in 1953, Alex Grey is an American visionary artist, author, teacher, and Vajrayana practitioner. His body of work spans a variety of forms including performance art, process art, installation art, sculpture, visionary art, and painting. Alex is the co-founder of CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, with his wife, artist Allyson Grey. 

Alex Grey Net of Being
[ "Net of Being" ]

Tears of Joy Alex Grey Painting
[ "Tears of Joy" ]
Oregon Elipse Alex Grey Painting
[ "Eclipse" ]


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Love this and all the different art! Keep up the awesome work!

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I like Blais Bellenoit the most

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I’m not familiar with the names of many of these artists. This list is super helpful. I’m going to go follow them on insta now. Thanks for curating

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Jake Amason and Chris Dyer are personal favs these are all amazing!

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Im an Australian Visionary artist that would love to be included on that list.

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Insane work these artist create for our eyes!! Your eyes never get enough.

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Randal Roberts is one of my favorites on this list.

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All of these painters are so inspiring. Each one of them has deep meaning to them and shows the true beauty of the world and having open eyes.

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I really love Blais Bellenoit! The mix of the colors makes me feeling amazing!

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