Egyptian artist, Ahmed Fouad creates celestial art inspired from nature and deep meditative states. Ahmed lets creativity flows through him to give birth to the most sophisticated yet very simple line work and design.

Andrei Verner is a freelance psychedelic artist and graphic designer with over a decade of experience working with customers from all over the world. Andrei is originally from Moscow, Russia and now lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Archan Nair is a self- taught visual artist, illustrator and Digital Artist, specializing in mixed media, illustration, and digital art based out of Berlin, Germany. His visual expressions are part of a journey which is really influenced by the mysteries of our existence and how every action, emotion, and our interconnectedness in a universal scale sets of a chain of reactions.. which we experience from the micro to the macro scale.

As a live painter, Ashton Hill extends her creative self to you for entertainment, for intrinsic thought, and for your soul to be touched. Journeying from festivals to galleries to events to street performances, my goal is to bring a consciousness of creation to everyone I encounter. Along the way I vend my craft, interact with the public, and expose my heart and soul through every painting.

Born and raised in Germany, Bond TruLuv became involved with graffiti-writing at the beginning of this millennium. Since then he has eagerly committed himself to examining new ways of composing letters and calligraphic ways of expression, as well as modes of fine arts and graphic design. His permanent longing for transformation and variation in terms of material and style is cultivated through extensive traveling, as well as the search for environments and sceneries that inspire new pieces

Christian Collins AKA BlueSpectralMonkey is a multifaceted artist, prolific dj and music producer, event producer, promoter and decorator, explorer, dreamer, and avid disc golfer. Each astonishing BlueSpectralMonkey artwork is a physical hand-cut and assembled collage.

Derrick Grant creates multimedia paintings that are alive with passion, and that, in his process, bridge the digital and physical realms of art. Drawing inspiration from his background in medical anatomy, as well as his education in art and art-history, Derrick borrows elements from the high renaissance painters and surrealists; then these essential concepts are combined using both digital software and traditional methods of painting, giving birth to a revolutionary new approach to the artist’s visual interaction with the canvas.

Terra Walker, aka Fluid Druid, is a professional tattoo artist, and busy mother of two. Terra's artwork reflects her deep spiritual reverence for Nature, infused with vibrant color to reveal the teeming energy fields that exist just beyond the veil of human perception. Painting is her way of connecting to the Divine, a powerful form of meditation and a way for her to express to others that which she finds too difficult with words. Known for meticulous attention to detail, her process of spending countless hours perfecting her paintings is intrinsic to the message she wishes to convey: Life is infinitely complex, mysterious, and magical.

Ryan Pietraszek (Frazydesignz) is a photographer by day, and a trippy geometric shapeshifter by night. He works primarily in a digital format using his own photographs to create new imagery with the hopes of inspiring anyone who is willing to open their minds. 

Hello! I'm Gavin "Gonzo" Gerundo. I am a contemporary painter who loves to travel and share my art across the country through live painting performances and gallery showings. After 6 years in the festival live-art scene, I’ve built a family around my art across the country at events like Resonance, Summer Camp, and the Untz Festival in addition to touring with some of my favorite bands. 

Canadian visionary artist, Glenn Thomson is fascinated by the sensual beauty of nature and the myths we create to explain our place within her infinite expressions. Glenn blends symbols from native wisdom traditions with modern myths to create images that will hopefully inspire us to help heal our planet and our souls as we leave to live in harmony with each other and our world. This is the prayer that is his art.

Hakan Hısım's art is deeply influenced by non-ordinary states of being. Esoteric imagery is a constant recurring pattern throughout his work. His art shows an awe of the natural world, and its beautiful contrast with the alien, transpersonal nature of mystical experiences. His often use of bold color schemes are used to accentuate this intrinsic contrast of micro and macro, of the familiar and the alien.

HanZo Art is the collaborative art team of visual artists Gavin Gonzo Gerundo and Michael Hancock.

"I find the floodgates of my imagination reopened by the desire to better provide for the individuals and communities that have nurtured me and helped allow me to grow. As the number of these people and communities increase, I can only hope that so does such a desire. From William Morris to Walt Disney to Salvador Dali, I simply wish to be seen as an artist who has tried. Tried to better provide for their family and their village, no matter the size or need, respecting the gift of translating and channeling the ether that’s been bestowed upon oneself." -Harrison Crawford

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Jack Cotolo is a visual artist and musician based in Harrisburg, PA. He paints big shapes, dumb monsters, and wiggly eyeballs. He survives off grapes, olives, and valerian. He is very well hydrated and likes doing album art for his friends.

Using various mediums, I conjure up cryptic idols that attempt to seduce the viewer into a dreamlike realm filled with water and smoke. My style fuses aesthetics of multiple cultures with mythology and religion to conceive a world full of ambiguous fantasies. My creations are a reflection of me, they represent my anxieties and desires. Through my art, I give life to my vulnerablities so that I can better understand them and eventually overcome them. - Jenee Harrison

Rainbows Everywhere! Lots and lots of psychedelic rainbows! Jerry Cannon is an artist / designer, and also the creator of Infinite Bit. Jerry dabbles in digital art, textile design, web design, drawing & painting, video editing, photography, and interactive art. Jerry is a lover of art and a firm believer that the best art is FUN!

John Bertolone is surreal and visionary artist based out of Rochester, NY. John studies in a variety of mediums and artistic styles to achieve the eclectic style seen in his work. The fusion of these various disciplines results in high-energy, vibrant images that seem pull you in with its own gravity.

Visionary artist, Kaliptus (born in Lisbon, Portugal) is a NY graduate from SVA with a BFA in animation and an MFA in computer art. Kaliptus is a prolific, multimedia fine-artist who spends most of his time bridging the intuitive & the technical to create works of art that reveal the transpersonal realms of consciousness. 

Multi-talented artist, Shawn Sparlin is a VJ, DJ, and owner of Surrealist Records. Under the name LoDurr, Shawn has adventured to over 50 cities coast-to-coast from New York to Hawaii with an arsenal of visual stimulation ranging from all realms of optical illusions to motion art and video edits. He has a style that is like no one else, focusing on multiple Alpha layers of 3D content at all times. 

Michael Garfield is the Indiana Jones of live art. Michael’s live art is a field guide to the beings that emerge at the energetic nexuses of live music – the boundary-living electric winged spirits that crash into being through a dancing throng while he is a seismograph and portraitist, swaying to their breath. Improvised freehand with paint markers, each work emerges organically from the throb of the house and the crowd into cross-sections of fireworks and undersea faeries, closed-eye tessellations and luminous fossils…vivid scenes of unabashed intensity, verdant and exultant imagery written in the natural language of dreams.

Florida-based artist, Mifsudvisions, masterfully channels his personal life-experiences and psychedelic visions into his intricately layered paintings. There is a perfect duality between his process and his spontaneous abstraction that compliment to form a fantastically unmistakeable style. Dark themes and vibrant figures melt and morph together to portray a tangible representation of psychedelic experiences often thought of as ineffable.

Oliver Locke creates art in various mediums, from digital paintings, to photography, photo manipulation, mixed media paintings & drawings.  Oliver's motto is "All Love and all things creative in all ways, always."

Ethan Melazzo, otherwise known as Owlchemist, is a visionary artist, graphic designer, musician, and laser wizard whose main mission is to use art and creation as a form of liberation.

Jean-Francois Painchaud (aka Phazed) is an Ottawa-based electronic musician & visual artist with a background in animation and video game design. Phazed creates with both digital and tradition mediums. Often-described as sexy, and psychedelic, Phazed’s illustrations and x-rated animations have taken over Tumblr, Instagram, and Youtube. The multitalented Phazed became an internet-sensation after he was once banned on facebook for his erotic gifs. 

Chance Losher, also known as Professor Rainbow, is a visual artist working out of Knoxville, TN. A printmaker by trade, he blends digitally created screen printed imagery with vibrant colors to create his psychedelically geometric works.

Renee Weber (REN NAE KAH), born in Baltimore, Maryland, found herself drawn to the arts at a young age. She developed a unique knack for capturing all things sacred, and has been known for bringing to light a hidden geometry that activates an ever expanding perception deep within the observer. Renee specializes in painting as well as live painting performances.

California-based visionary artist, Salvia Droid, translates the ineffable human consciousness through the medium of artistic creations. 

 Colorado-based visual artist, Bradon Happ (AKA skEYEfi), is an intergalactic mad skEYEntist who currently resides on planet Earth. His sole purpose, to enlighten the human race with psychedelic visual projections that will render you speechless and itching for more.

Andrew Humphrey, the artist behind Cleveland-based "Steady Lifted Designs", builds amazingly vibrant and mechanical, ever-connecting geometric landscapes. 

Steve Shorts is a contemporary Surrealist painter based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Inspired by early Modernist Art movements like Art Nouveau and Expressionism, he reinterprets Classical themes such as mythology, the female figure, and portraiture through his own unique aesthetic lens. Less interested in material realms, Steve draws his content from archetypal wells of imagination and inspiration. Each piece displays an array of mesmerizing effects utilizing aspects of vibration and duality delivering an energetic rush into the mind's eye of the viewer. His figures appear to be elemental forms woven out of a psychic tapestry consisting of intertwining serpentine lines and vivid color combinations.