For Our Customers:

You've never seen prints these vivid and wild! Infinite Apparel offers the highest quality cut & sewn sublimated garments in the world! For each garment created, our team of graphic and fashion designers receives an original piece of art from an emerging artist, then collaboratively designs a garment to best compliment that artist's work. We then work with our top-notch production teams to print, sew, and distribute these amazing creations to our fabulous customers! Best of all, it's all made right here in America. 

We Ship WORLDWIDE! Free Shipping on US Orders over $100! 

We Support Independent Artists and give 30% of each sale to the artist! 

5% of our quarterly profits goes to charity. 

Join the movement. 

Helping Artists:

We exist as a source of revenue and exposure for local artistic talents. Each of the incredible designs on our website ( ) was created by an independent artist. We provide artists a platform to share their talents, further their names, and make money doing it. We are dedicated to helping our artists thrive. 

Being artist's ourselves, we've seen and experienced the financial and emotional damages incurred by having designs STOLEN by large  companies with false promises. It was necessary when starting Infinite Bit to ensure that each artist retains ALL RIGHTS to THEIR works and has full control over their clothing collections. We believe in our artists creative abilities and for this reason, we attempt to handle all of the labor in this process. A large portion of our time is dedicated to advertising and promoting the artists we feature in our collective on our social media channels and in our email newsletters. 

To become an artist on or to inquire about our artist & wholesale pricing, please go to our artist submission page. 

ABOUT "Infinite Bit" by Jerry Cannon

Infinite Bit began as an art piece made with love and magic by Jerry Cannon.

View the full piece interactively here: