We've built a business around our beliefs! 

Unfortunately it's not a given these days. After learning how
many companies do not accurately or adequately pay
artists for their merchandising sales, we worked our
booties off to build a better platform that artists can trust.

 30% of all profits from each sale is given to the artist who
created the design. We even carry this percentage all the
way up our wholesale pricing scale to help ensure we stay
true to our ethical commitment to empowering artists.
Even more,each artist has the ability to log-in to our app
and then track their sales and commissions in real-time.

As reported by PS Arts:
Two-thirds of public school teachers believe that the arts
are getting crowded out of the school day. It costs as little
as $1.84 to provide a day of arts education for a child.
For this reason, Infinite Apparel pledges to donate
$1.84 for each sale from our store. We donate this
through Pledgelingwho partner with non-profits to 
help bring art supplies to children in public schools. 

One Tree Planted Charity Shopify
$1 from each order is donated to One Tree Planted who
ensure a tree is planted in our name. Tree planting
typically happens in the rainy season when the soil
is wet and provides the optimal conditions for tree
survival rates. Their vetted partners make the
call on the proper (native) tree species to
plant and work with local communities to get
these planted and ensure that they maintain a
tree survival rate of 80-90%.  Most projects help
with restoration efforts from forest fires and floods,
as well as helping provide jobs, build communities, 
and restore habitat for biodiversity.