Welcome to the Interactive Version of Infinite Bit.
Thank you so much for taking a moment to view my art!

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Every "Infinite Bit V#" design that you have seen on Infinite-Bit.com is a square foot section taken from this psychedelic digital collage created by Jerry Cannon (above). Each section is composed of hundreds to thousands of images that are digitally collaged with love and magic to create the psychedelic patterns and forms you see today. 

∞ ABOUT Infinite Bit :
We are living in age with an overwhelming amount of information. How does anyone process all of it? What is it that our subconscious picks up on? How can we consciously access that information? I’ve spent many nights awake with these questions and every answer I've found is subjective. Nonetheless, those questions are the very foundation of Infinite Bit and played a crucial role in developing the aesthetics of this piece. 

Imagine you are sitting on a grassy hill, staring endlessly into the clouds. The skies have opened up bright and blue for the wispy white clouds to pass through. Then suddenly, those wispy white clouds tumble together to form a recognizable shape. -- "It's a cat!" you will say, while your friend ponders this new idea. --"It looks more like a seashell to me", your friend might say. The beauty in this moment, is that you are both correct. So what is it that causes us to decide a certain cloud formation resembles a cat? --or a seashell? --or anything really? This very question was the spawn of Infinite Bit. It is this release of unbiased creative thought that I aim to trigger in every viewer. It brings me great joy to watch many treat my pieces with a childlike wonder (especially when expressing what imagery they see in these abstract forms). No one answer is correct and I truly love that!  ∞ <3