Where do we ship to? 

Lucky You! Infinite Bit ships to every country on the planet! Shipping of our product is free over $100 on all orders shipped to the United States. The cost of shipping our product internationally is determined by the country the package is being shipped to, which is seen at checkout. We do run coupons to help with international shipping from time-to-time so please don't hesitate to reach out and see what we can do for you! :)

Change of Address Information

Should you need to change the shipping address of your product, please contact us immediately. If your product has not yet shipped, we will be able to change your address in our system for no additional charge. However, should the package have shipped prior to us receiving the updated address from you, there is a $10 fee for having the product resent to a different address. This fee covers us getting the product shipped back to us, to then be shipped to the correct address you specify. A change of address, once the order is shipped, is only possible on orders placed within the United States.

Please NOTE: we do NOT offer refunds of cash or credit for purchases that have been paid for and shipped to the wrong address. The shipping address is displayed in your order confirmation, which is received after checking out. If you see an error with your address, AGAIN, please report this to us immediately and we will make the appropriate adjustments. Infinite Bit are not responsible for purchases made with PayPal that have not been updated to match your current or desired shipping address.